NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy are wonderful tools and Monique Bartlett wields these tools with talent.  Monique will take you on a tour of your own mind to pinpoint the patterns in your life that create our daily road blocks.  She helped me remove strong negative emotions and limiting decisions.  She installed strategies to give me the skills to move past these issues.  The beauty of this is that it was all done in hours! Years of old fashioned therapies cannot create the peace and confidence that was installed in a relatively short time.  I am now a new and improved version of myself.  As a Master Practitioner, Monique has a great balance of kindness, understanding and “pit bull” as she directs you to do the things you need to do and not just the things you want to do.  This produces results.  I cannot thank Monique enough. – Jan Freethy

Monique will help you clarify your goals and make them real and achievable!!  – Chris Priebe

Monique’s Goal Setting Workshop engaged my unconscious and made my goal and the steps I needed to take a “BGO” (Blinding Glimps of the Obvious).  How did I ever think it was such an obstacle?  Thank you for pushing me – easily and gently through my barrier. – Jessy Morrison

I have become more social, outgoing and confident.  I ask for what I want and speak up when I am not happy.  Thanks to the hypnosis and other techniques I have been receiving. –  Kathleen Warren

Monique is a gifted presenter.  Her enthusiasm around our goals was contagious.  Very worthwhile evening.  Talented hypnotiist. – Anne Cleall, Principal, The Cleall Group

Thank you Monique Bartlett!  Her expertise and focus helped me overcome obstacles in my life that were keeping me from moving forward.  I now understand what was holding me back and feel more confident.  Through her questioning techniques she was able to bring awareness to me on how I sabotage myself and now can stop going down that path and focus on the positive.  Thank you so much Monique. – Karen Grant – Author of The Million Dollar Image

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