Monique Bartlett is a published novelist, with her latest book, Real Estate Investing Success: 5 Principles Professional Women Need To Know Now To Create Passive Income, being her second foray into the world of authorship. Known as “The Woman Lifestyle Coach”, Monique has a strong commitment to educating professional women so that they can thrive financially and she is committed to helping those with limited time and disposable funds to have their money work for them, instead of them working for their money.

Her personal experience in real estate perfectly qualifies her for this role and Real Estate Investing Success: 5 Principles Professional Women Need To Know Now To Create Passive Income is intended as a guide for busy professional women who are interested in investing but need a little help to get started. With her invaluable skill and insight, Monique wants to ensure that her readers are able to implement her techniques to better their futures and achieve their fullest potential.

Monique aims to do more than just advise her readers and is committed to using her novel as a platform to find joint venture partners. She is keen to put together a unique women’s real estate investing group, which will not only work together to achieve a more profitable future for business savvy ladies everywhere, but will also deliver workshops and seminars to help educate and expand the horizons of busy women who show an interest in this shared vision.

A fully qualified NLP coach, hypnosis trainer, and experienced writer, Monique is a woman with a wide range of skills and successes, and it is her ultimate goal to give others the opportunity to be just as passionate about real estate as she herself has become. For women in transition or wanting to improve the quality of their lives, Monique’s expertise is highly recommended, and her latest novel is the next step on the road towards helping women achieve success and reach their financial goals.

Connect with Monique to find out more:

Email: monique@moniquebartlett.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoniqueBartlettAuthor

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/monique-bartlett-74348343

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